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If you’re a company or organisation using billboard or banner advertising, do you know where your promotional messages end up? 


Chances are you’re contributing to the 1.2 million square metres or 500 tonnes, of billboard vinyl (PVC) that ends up in landfill each year in Australia.  Probably not the message you want to send.

Give your billboard or banner vinyl another life…or hundreds of lives.  Partner with us to take what would typically be waste, and transform it into a collection of beautiful, functional, eco-friendly products that send a clear message about your social responsibility.

Once we’ve upcycled your vinyl skins into a suite of products of your choice, the options are endless:

  • Reward your loyal customers with an unexpected (and eco-friendly) gift

  • On sell them through your own channels (and consider giving the proceeds to your favourite charity)

  • Donate them to a worthy cause (for resale or use)

  • Gift them to you staff for a job well done


The process is easy.  Shoot us an email.  We’d love to hear from you.

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