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We started revive collective to make a difference.  


We have no illusions of singlehandedly saving the planet or bringing about world peace, but we certainly think we can do our part to leave it a better place. 

Our aim is to create positive change through greener practices.  We take the vinyl used in advertising billboards and banners and literally ‘revive’ it.  Every year in Australia 1.2 million square metres (500 tonnes) of billboard vinyl ends up in landfill.


There is life beyond advertising! We rescue these vinyl skins which are still vibrantly coloured, tough and water resistant, and give them a second life by upcycling them into unique, beautiful and functional totes, duffel bags and other products. 

Proudly made in Queensland, revive collective gear has its own unique character.  Our products are living their second life so the minor imperfections they might have are part of their story. Rest assured though, they are stylish, functional, built to last and absolutely one of a kind.

We invite you to join us and help make a difference.

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